The Shadow

Orson Welles

Bill Johnstone

Brett Morrison

John Archer

On July, 31 1930. the character of "The Shadow" debuted on CBS radio as the mysterious narrator of the Street and Smith radio program Detective Story Hour. The character became so popular that on April 31, 1931 Street and Smith began pubishing "The Shadow Magazine" with "The Shadow" as the main character. In 1932 the series moved to NBC and later back to CBS with the last show of this series run being broadcast on March 27, 1935.

On September 26, the series returned to the air with the character of "The Shadow" no longer the narrator. "The Shadow" was now a super crime fighter with the power to cloud men's minds so that they could not see him. Only his lovely and faithful assistant, Margo Lane, knew the identity of "The Shadow". The last show of the series was broadcast on December 26. 1954.

Orson Wells played "The Shadow" until Bill Johnstone took over the role in 1937. Johnstone played "The Shadow" for about five years giving way to Bret Morrison. Morrison played the lead role for about ten years. He was followed by John Archer and later by Steve Courtleigh.

I was probably about six or seven years old when I began listening to "The Shadow". It was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up.

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