The Saint

Edgar Barrier

Brian Aherne

Vincent Price

Paul Rhys

Simon Templar, know as "The Saint", was a character invented by crime novelist Leslie Charteris and has appeared in books, in movies, on the radio, in comic strips, and on television. The Saint was far from being a saint as he would at times go outside the law in order to capture criminals. He was a believer in "the end justifies the means".

The Saint was first heard on radio through out Europe over the Irish radio station, Radio Athone. Six episodes were broadcast from October 18, 1940 through November 22, 1940 and starred Terence De Marney in the title role.

NBC broadcast a series of thirteen episodes of The Saint from January 6, 1945 thought March 31, 1945. In this series, Edgar Barrier played the lead. CBS aired the show from June 20, 1945 through June 30, 1948 with Brian Aherne playing the lead role until sometime in 1947. Aherne was followed by Vincent Price. Barry Sullivan played Simon Templar in the last episode of that series.

The Mutual Broadcasting System ran a series of shows form July 10,1949 to May 28, 1950. NBC then picked up the show once again and aired shows from June 11, 1950 through October 21, 1951. Tom Conway and Lawrence Dobkin were both heard as the Simon Templar during this period.

Springbok Radio in South Africa broadcast The Saint from 1953 to 1957 with Tom Meehan starring in the lead role. Finally, the BBC broadcast a series of three episodes of The Saint from August 28. 1995 through September 11, 1995 with Paul Rhys playing Simon Templar.

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