The Adventures of the Falcon

Berry (Barry) Kroeger

James Meighan

Les Tremayne

Les Damon

The character, Michael Waring, known as "The Falcon" first appeared in short stories and later, in novels, movies, radio and lastly, on TV. The Falcon's personality changed with each media change but during the course of the Falcon's existence, how Michael Warning came to be called "The Falcon" was never revealed.

The radio version first aired on April 10, 1943 and ran on various networks until January 1, 1955. The Falcon was originally played by Berry (Barry) Kroeger. In 1945 James Meighan took over the role and in the late 1940s, Les Tremayne and in the 1950s, Les Damon played the Falcon.

The plots always placed the Falcon in dangerous situations. However, he still managed to find time for a little romance. Each show started with a telephone ringing and the Falcon answering the phone. He would be speaking with a different woman each week and he would always say that he would love to see her but something urgent had just come up. The Falcon would then solve a crime or mystery and make the police look incompetent in the process. Toward the end of the series's run, the shows plots dealt mainly with espionage.

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