Joseph Kearns

Ted Osborne

Robert Montgomery

"Radio's outstanding theater of trills" was broadcast on CBS from June 17, 1942 through September 30, 1962. Each week "The Man in Black", Joseph Kearns (it's hard to believe that he also played Mr. Wilson on the Denis the Menace TV show) and later, Ted Osborne, would introduce "a play well calculated to keep you in, suspense". And they usually did. Approximately 945 episodes were broadcast in all and fortunately, most of them have survived and can be enjoyed to this day.

Originally 'Suspense' was a thirty minute show but format changed to a full hour on January 1, 1948. The hour version was hosted by Robert Montgomery. Montgomery's appearance really did nothing to enhance the show and on July 8, 1948 the show returned to it's old thirty minute format.

This is one of the many radio shows I listened to as a kid (in case you are wondering, I'm 77 years old) and this was one of my very favorites. I remember how sad I felt on September 30, 1962, first listening to the final broadcast of 'Yours truly, Johnny Dollar', followed by the last broadcast of 'Suspense', two of my favorite shows. I thought at the time they were gone forever. I never dreamed that I would have an opportunity to some day present them to the world.

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