The Adventures of Philip Marlowe

Van Heflin

Gerald Mohr

Jeff Corey

Gloria Blondell

The show first aired over NBC under the name of "The New Adventures of Plilip Marlow" on June 17, 1947 and featured Van Heflin in the role of Philip Marlowe. Philip Marlowe was a private eye character featured in novels by Raymond Chandler. The last episode on NBC was broadcast on September 9, 1947.

The series next aired on CBS under the name of "The Adventures of Philip Marlowe" with Gerald Mohr playing the lead role. It ran on CBS from September 26, 1948 to September 15. 1951. Mohr played the part of Philip Marlowe in all but one episode during its run on CBS. William Conrad filled in for Mohr for the episode entitled "The Anniversary Gift" broadcast on April 11, 1950.

By 1949, it had the largest audience in radio. Despite the program's popularity, it was self sustained for most of the time it was on the air, only having a national sponsor for a brief time in 1950.

Some of the actors that appeared on the show at various times were Jeff Corey , Howard McNear, Parley Baer, Virginia Gregg, and Gloria Blondell.

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