Pat Novak for Hire

Jack Webb

Ben Morris

Tudor Owen

Raymond Burr

Pat Novak for Hire aired on ABC from August 22, 1946 through June 6, 1949. It began as a west coast regional program with Jack Webb in the role of Pat Novak. Ben Morris later took over the lead role and played it until January 11, 1948.

The series was revived and broadcast coast to coast on February 13, 1949, with Jack Webb once again playing the main character. Webb decided to leave the show after finally getting a contract to air, a long time project of his, Dragnet. The final broadcast of Pat Novak for Hire, aired on June 26, 1949.

In the 1946-1948 run of the series, John Galbraith played Inspector Hellman, Tudor Owen and Jack Lewis were heard in the role of Jocko Madigan. In the 1949 series run, Raymond Burr played the part of Inspector Hellman. Burr also served as the shows announcer on several occasions. The role of Jocko Madigan was played by Jack Lewis and Tudor Owen.

Pat Novak always seemed to get involved with beautiful women, frequently got knocked out and with the help of his alcoholic pal, Jocko Madigan, always got the best of his rival, Police Inspector Hellman.

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