Mister District Attorney

Jay Jostyn

David Brien

Vicki Vola

Len Doyle

The show was first broadcast on NBC, April 2, 1939. It was fifteen minute serial with the format changing to a half-hour show on June 27, 1939. The series later moved to ABC and ran until June 13, 1952. A transcribed syndicated version first aired on June 13, 1952 and ran through 1953.

The 'Mister District Attorney' television version ran from October 1, 1951 though June 23, 1952. In 1954 the show was revived for one more season.

Initially, on the radio version, the show's man character was never referred to name; he was only referred to as the D.A. He was addressed as "Mister District Attorney," or "Chief". However, the T.V. writers gave him the name of Paul Garrett and that name was also used on the syndicated radio version of the show.

The series was supposedly inspired by former New York City district attorney, Thomas E. Dewey. Dewey's war against the mafia and crime in general made him a nationally known figure. He went on to become governor of New York and later was defeated by Harry S. Truman in an unsuccessful bid for the presidency of the U.S.

The title role was first played by Dwight Weist but he was soon replaced by Raymond Edward Johnson (of Inner Sanctum fame). Jay Jostyn played the D.A. from 1942 though 1952. David Brian took over the part from 1952 until the series conclusion. Brian also played the D.A. on the T.V. versions of the show.

Vicki Vota played the D.A.'s secretary. Len Harrington, the D.A.'s chief investigator, was initially played by Walter Kinsella. However, Len Doyle took over the role in 1940 and played the part until the series when off the air.

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