Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

Charles Russell

Edmond O'Brien

John Lund

Bob Bailey

Bob Readick

The series first aired on January 14, 1949 with Charles Russell starring in the title role. Russell continued to play the part until January of 1950. In Febuary, 1950 Edmond O'Brien took over as the show's star and continued until September, 1952. John Lund played the part until September 19, 1954.

During the first run of the show the character Johnny Dollar was a tough, smart, hard nosed investigator. It was a good show but there was nothing that set it apart from other detective shows.

The series was revived in 1955 and ran from October 3, 1955 and through September 30, 1962. The new series featured a Johnny Dollar that was more caring and sensitive than the old one. Most critics considered the new show superior to the original one. From October, 1955 through September, 1962 the part of Johnny Dollar was played by Bob Baily, Bob Readick, and Mandel Kramer.

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