Inner Sanctum

Raymond Edward Johnson

Paul McGrath

The show ran on the radio from January 7, 1941 to October 5, 1952. A total of 526 episodes were broadcast during that period.

The show's themes included mystery, suspense, and terror and the producer/creator was Himan Brown. The shows host, "Raymond", was played by Raymond Edward Johnson. Johnson's ghoulish delivery and dark humor were often imitated. In May, 1945 he left the series and joined the Army and at that time, Paul McGrath took over the hosting duties. The host was then referred to simply as "Your Host" or "Mr. Host". The series was the first to feature the famous "creaking door" and the equally famous "Pleasant dreams, hmmmmm?". I don't think there's much question about it, it was the most imitated show on the radio.

The program was sponsored for many years by Lipton Tea. Their spokesperson was Mary Bennett and her cheery banter, perfectly complemented the creepy manner of the shows hosts.

The series often featured big name guest stars such as, Mary Astor, Boris Karloff, Claude Rains, Orson Welles, and Peter Lorre.

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