Have Gun Will Travel

John Dehner

Kam Tong

The show began on television and ran on TV from 1957 through 1963. The radio version first aired on November 23, 1958 and ran until November 22, 1960.

The main character was only know as Paladin (a word that means, a paragon of chivalry), was played on the radio by John Dehner. Paladin's home and headquarters was the Hotel Carlton in San Francisco. Paladin was a former West Point graduate and army officer. He could read, write, and speak many foreign lanquages. In addition, he had a extensive knowledge of ancient history, classical literature and had traveled the world. The cast also included a regular named Hey Boy, a Chinese bellhop. Hey Boy was played Kam Tong.

An excellent 'adult' western. Good scripts and acting. Even if you're not a fan of westerns, you might like this one.

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