Dangerous Assignment

Brian Donlevy

Lloyd Berrell

Herb Butterfield

Jay Novello

Dangerous Assignment had two runs on the U.S. radio. The first was for just seven episodes in 1949. The series aired from July 7, 1949 to August 20, 1949. Durning the shows second run it aired from February 6, 1950 to July 7, 1953. In the US was it was broadcast on NBC, in Australia on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company.

The main character, Steve Mitchell was played by Brian Donlevy in the U.S. version and by Lloyd Berrell in the Australian version. Berrell also starred in the Australian version of The Fat Man. The other actors mentioned here all played in the U.S. verion.

The Comissioner was played by Herb Butterfield. Some of the other actors heard on the show included show Jay Novello, William Conrad, Raymond Burr, and Paul Free.

The foreign intrigue show's format puts me in mind of the TV show that came along years later, Mission Inpossible. The organization for which Mitchell worked was never revealed. Each episonde would start with Mitchell in the office to the comissioner getting briefed on his next "dangerous assignment". In completing assignments Mitchell would travel to all parts of the world often posing as a foreign correspondent for an unnamed publication.

Very popular show and I suggest you give it a try.

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