Crime Classics

Lou Merrill

William Conrad

Betty Lou Gerson

Sam Edwards

Crime Classics aired on CBS from June 15, 1953, to June 30, 1954.

The series was created, produced, and directed Elliott Lewis. It featured true crime stories from as long ago as ancient Greece and as recent as 19th-century America.

The show's writers created the scripts by carefully assembling the facts and feel of the time period. One unique feature of the show was that the music was especially written for each episode and captured the sound and feel of the various time periods depicted in the episode.

Lou Merrill was the voice of the host/narrator, Thomas Hyland. Merrill used a laid back style and often injected humor into his narration. William Conrad, Betty Lou Gerson, and Sam Edwards were a few of the actors that appeared on the show on more than one episode.

This is an excellent show and I highly recommend it.

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