Casey Crime Photographer

Matt Crowley

Staats Cotsworth

Jan Miner

John Gibson

The series ran on the radio from July 7, 1943 through April 22, 1955. The name of the show was changed quite a few times. Casey Crime Photographer, Crime Photographer, Flashgun Casey, and Casey Press Photographer were names it aired under.

Casey worked for the Morning Star (fictional newspaper) and each episode, assisted by Ann Williams, he would solve a crime. Often a picture taken at the crime scene would give Casey the clue he needed.

During the run of the show, Casey was played by Matt Crowley, Jim Backus, and Staats Cotsworth. Ann Williams was played by Lesley woods and later by Jan Miner. Their bartender friend, Ethelbert, was played by John Gibson.

The series also ran on television from April 19, 1951 through June 5, 1952. It starred Darren McGavin as Casey and as on radio, Jan Miner played Ann Williams.

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