Bold Venture

Humphrey Bogart

Lauren Bacall

The show first aired on March 26, 1951 and ended after 78 episodes. Its stars were Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, that, in case you didn't know, in real life were husband and wife.

Their marriage was considered by many as the most unlikely to succeed. Bogart was twenty-five years older and thought by many to be one of the ugliest actors in hollywood and Becall was one of the most beautiful actress' of her day. However, their marriage lasted from May of 1945 until Bogart's death in January, 1957.

Bogart played Shannon, the owner of a Havana hotel and Bacall was Sailor Duval, his sidekick. They got involved in all kinds of mysterious adventures, some of which involved the occult. If you like excitement and mystery, this is a show that will interest you.

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